Friday, August 15, 2008


Caption: Becca and I at the turn off to our camp in Moab, Utah

Greetings from Moab Utah, sorry for the lapse between posts this past week, since we last spoke Becca and I have traversed four states (Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Utah) driven one thousand one hundred and ninety eight miles (@ between $3.49 and $4.35 per gal.), and have 147 mosquito bites between the two of us.

I will go ahead and skip to reporting our adventures in Colorado and Utah because there just wasnt much happening in either Missouri or Kansas. We cruised straight through MO and KS in two grueling days and arrived in Denver ready for a good meal and a place to sleep that was mosquito proof. My friends Amber and Joel made it all come true. The next four days were spent either biking around Denver or rock climbing up Boulder Canyon near the city of Boulder, CO. A huge thanks to the two of them for showing us such a great time.

Caption: One of the many views from the road between Denver and Utah.

Then it was off to Utah, where we are currently calling home. It took a solid 9 hours of driving up and down 12,000 ft mountain passes to get us to Moab (thanks for the new brakes Scott!). We spent all day today visiting Arches National Park. We took a short back country tour through some of the park's more remote locations- absolutely breathtaking! Arches was formed millions and millions of years ago by a sea that would flood and leave salt deposits, over the years those deposits were mixed with sediment and hardened to form the thousand ft plus cliff bands present now. Then after the sea receded rainwater dissolved the salt deposits and created the cavities and holes that form the arches that have made the area so famous.

Caption: Balancing Rock in Arches Nat. Park (just to wet your whistle, more pics to come from Arches)

Caption: One of the three MAJOR mtn passes we had to drive on the way to Utah from Denver (this was at 9,000 ft)

Caption: Chaco's idea of a workout session


Mindy said...

You two are livig as it should day at a time....Africa taught me to live that way and it makes life much richer! Enjoy every moment of your travels and be sure you (John) drive with one leg out the truck window!

Safe Travels

Mindy et al

Megan said...

Great blog! Keep writing stuff! Post more pictures!