Friday, August 1, 2008

On the road at last

We promised a blog, and here it is. We feel the name is fitting, because that is our attitude about this trip. We don't have solid plans, or timelines, or a set route. We have a truck, a dog, and a tight budget. So we're just going to take the trip One Tank At A Time.

For the last few days, we have been hectic trying to get everything packed and cleaned up. Yesterday was the longest day, 14 hours of moving heavy things, but was concluded by an incredible dinner by Master Chef Katie.

This morning, we finally closed up the house and hit the road at about 1:30 (after a generous lunch by the parents). But don't worry, we haven't left Virginia yet. We are visiting John's family near Roanoke for a few days, before we really head on our way.

Yesterday I would have told you that our next stop was the New River Gorge in West Virginia, but now we're thinking it might be more along the lines of Chatanooga, Tennessee. As we said, we just take it one tank at a time.

So here it is. Enjoy reading along.
-John and Becca


Boxley said...

YEEEEEEEEEEE HA - Let the fun begin! Great name for the Blog.

Jane & Boxley

Frank & Charmaine said...

Ok, when we win the lottery, we have a plan. Frank and I will meet you and John in the mighty Tetons and rent eveyone their own cabin for a week at Slide Lake. We bike (on two wheels with a mighty motor), kayak, hike and climb by day and hang out with Rainey by night. What do you guys think? Will you meet us?

Pam said...

WAY TO GO! Enjoy life to the fullest. Be safe.
Pam & Charles

jhank said...

Have a great time! You will always cherish this time of your life!
The Newport News Hankins

HecateCloudPainter said...

As I said earlier... be safe and have fun... and whatever road you take may the blessings this life be with you both over sea, over shore, over stone...
Send me a picture of Zion when you get there... I've always wanted to go ^_^

Fondest Wishes

Anne M. said...

Well, well, a journey begins. But, I have a question... when did this journey really begin? It could have started way back in the 80's when your parents and OLDER sister would travel and leave you in my care...we would venture to the inner city of DC for exploring...parks, museums, and of course... lions, tigers and bears at the National Zoo. Now, speaking of bears, do you have yours? That was certainly a lesson I learned quickly, if you travel with Becca, you must have BEAR!!!! I am envious of your "Lackawanna" have plans, how wonderful to take the road wherever it leads.
By the way, the entire 10 days I was in Alaska, with all the warnings and cautions, never saw but one, will you tell me where they all are?
Can't wait to read about your safe.
Love to you both...
Anne (Auntie Anne)

Christy said...

Love the blog! Have a great time and I am looking forward to reading about all the adventures. Be careful out there!

Christy & Family

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog so far. Sounds like a great experience. Be safe and enjoy.

Brandon R.

Jefe said...

I saw you driving on 64 West leaving Richmond. I was going the other way. I recognized your truck and I figured I knew where you were going. It made my day!
Have a safe journey and have fun most importantly. See you sometime in the future.

The Eckerts said...

Have a great trip you two. Can't wait to hear where you end up. Wish I could have seen you John before you left. Someday soon, I hope.