Monday, August 4, 2008


Before I start, here is our new home (in front of our old one, of course):

We spent a wonderful weekend in Botetourt (near Roanoke) visiting with some of John’s family; then got on the road again Sunday afternoon. The original idea was to go to West Va from there, but we decided to take a detour, which turned into an entire re-route. We ended up in Knoxville, Tn. on Sunday night with some old friends from the climbing gym, Andrea and Joey.

On Monday, Joey took us to the nearby climbing spot, which evidently he had not seen before. The climbing was great

and the scenery was beautiful,

but the approach was a bit….narrow.

We had a good climb though, and hit the road again Monday afternoon, headed to Chattanooga, to stay with another long-term friend, Matt Fields-Johnson. Tuesday morning we headed out to an awesome bouldering spot right by a golf course and spent the morning clamoring up big rocks.

And then spent the afternoon on even bigger rocks, with long ropes and fun gear!

Chattanooga is a pretty fun town-it's been rated among the top climbing towns in the nation, and we agree! Next--we think camping somewhere between here and Missouri.


Sarah Collier said...

Hi, Becca and John! I was watching "Donut Paradise" on the Travel Channel this morning and saw a place in Seattle that looks amazing! It's called Top Pot Doughnuts. If you go, tell me all about it! Here's the website: Interesting tidbit about the place: It was supposed to be call Top Spot, but when the owners were driving on the interstate with the new neon sign in the back of the truck, the "s" fell off. So, they decided to call it Top Pot instead. Miss you guys!

Sarah, Rob, and Roxie (who says to tell Chaco "hi!")

KrissyMiss said...

Hi, Johnny G!

I have relocated to Greenville, SC...which means if you guys end up anywhere near here (aka Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbia, etc.) you MUST stop by! I currently have next to no furniture, but I'm sure you have a sleeping bag or two, right? :)

Take care and have fun!